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Less Container Load Shipping

When shipping world wide the term FLC refers to a full container load. The container is full to its maximum capacity. If you have less than a full container load this would be referred to as LCL, which stands for less than a container load shipping. Containers are being shipped across the world each and every day. Containers are as small as 20 feet and can go up to as long as 80 feet long. However not always there will be an ability to have the capacity or the ability to fill up an entire container with product. The option for this is less container load shipping. Such method is used to cut down on cost and overhead of healthy freight charges. In return these savings are passed down to our customers, which is a win-win situation for all parties. This creates a more efficient business transaction. 

“Less container load shipping” is shipping that will not completely fill the container. With less container load shipping your products will be shipped in the same container with other customers’ products to make one complete full container. If you know that your products cannot fill a 20 foot container a more viable option could be to use less container load shipping.
When using less container load shipping there are no concerns with return shipping of the container. Prestiges Group is responsible for all aspects of returning the container. Your focus is receiving the merchandise. If you are considering shipping less than container load shipping is an option that can afford you big savings on shipping costs. It also allows flexibility on the volume of product that you have to ship. This is a very convenient way to ship lower volume freight at an affordable price.