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International Moving Services

Has your employer informed you of a pending move to a new job overseas? If so, here are some tips, based on 3 decades of moving internationally that we want to share with you. It is important that you look at experince involved with international moving services. In this case, and situation, the term experience means much more than having local moving experience. Prestiges group is helping customers to prepare for the packing and shipping of of their household goods from the home country to a foreign location with pecial type of expertise and attention to detail.Prestiges Group has been known for its expertise that comes only with experience in moving treasured household goods to and from the two countries.
Knowledge of several important factors, such as climate and incoming customs regulations at your destination, is vital.  Bidding for your moving contract we  provide contact data for the company that will handle your goods on arrival. With experince we also have important tips and a list of dos and do-nots for the country you are moving to. These things will help you avoid problems that could delay the receipt of your household goods as soon as they arrive.

The climate, including factors such as average humidity, at your destination, have an impact on how your household goods should be packed. There are also times when our team  will know that taking some things overseas is not necessary because they are available in the country where you are going. Taking certain steps, like placing special markings and labeling on packed boxes, will help your shipment avoid unnecessary or exploratory opening of your packed boxes. We are here to guide you and share this type of knowledge for your move.